Mets showing interest in a free agent with starter and bullpen experience

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Justin Verlander and Jose Quintana might not be the end for the New York Mets. Their rotation could use one more arm and some recent Mets rumors have two names to be on the look for.

Kodai Senga, a desirable free agent coming over from Japan, is someone often discussed. Mentioned much less yet making an appearance in recent Mets rumors courtesy of the New York Post’s Joel Sherman is Ross Stripling.

The Mets are reportedly interested in both of these free agents. Stripling could be the more realistic target and a more short-term option for the ball club. Let’s explore what he can offer the team.

Mets rumors: What Ross Stripling brings to the table

Stripling is best known for his early days with the Los Angeles Dodgers which featured him pitching as a starter and reliever. In fact, every season of his career includes at least a few starts and some relief appearances.

This is actually pretty valuable for the Mets. Stripling’s success has often led him to land within a team’s rotation. His failings have pushed him to a relief role. The same could be true on a 2023 Mets roster.

For a pitcher who has done the 2022 Trevor Williams thing for his entire career, it’s important to take a look at his splits as a starter and reliever.

Stripling has gone 30-27 in 104 career starts and delivered a 3.86 ERA. From the bullpen, he’s 8-11 with a 3.51 ERA spanning 164 innings of work in 100 games. Both are more than acceptable. And because he has some success pitching in relief with success, there is much less concern about moving him there if he becomes a bust in the rotation or the team looks to upgrade at the trade deadline.

This is the first appearance Stripling as made in Mets rumors and while he isn’t Carlos Rodon, he’s a realistic option for them to target.

Last season was spent with the Toronto Blue Jays where Stripling was 10-4 with a 3.01 ERA in 134.1 innings. As expected, he started 24 games and pitched 8 more in relief. The innings total set a new personal best for him. Despite being 33 next season, he seems to have plenty of mileage left on his arm.

Is Stripling the man for the job? A two-year deal with an option for a third might be something he’d accept. It shouldn’t be anything too nuts either. It would allow the Mets to look toward signing Brandon Nimmo and finally tackle improving the bullpen with a free agent addition.

Mets rumors following the Justin Verlander signing continue to make the rounds. They won’t sign everyone, but it seems that they’re continuing to search.

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