Continued Mets rumors of free agent DHs show at least some concern for Mark Vientos

Do the Mets believe in Mark Vientos or is one of the J.D.s bound for Flushing?
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New York Mets rumors season isn’t over yet. While thoughts of them adding to the starting rotation seem to have faded away in particular because of how well Tylor Megill has pitched, the Mets continue to get linked to available designated hitters. On Tuesday, arguably the two best available out had their names slither into the latest Mets rumors.

Two names long-attached to the Mets, J.D. Martinez through previous rumors and trade discussions years back and J.D. Davis as an actual player for the team, both have something to offer New York. Martinez is the far more proven J.D. and absolute answer to any questions the team may have at the DH spot. Davis is more of a replica of the guy they already have slotted to get the most at-bats at the position, Mark Vientos.

Their linkage to the pairing in this way suggests there is some doubt about what they’ll get out of Vientos. However, money does seem to matter. The Mets could’ve just as easily picked up Davis from the waiver wire over the weekend if they felt the need was pressing enough. No team bit on his $6.9 million salary thus leading to his release.

How J.D. Martinez and J.D. Davis can each fit with the Mets

The limitation of Martinez as strictly a DH has been a small turnoff in any pursuit of him. It’s one of the reasons why he remains unsigned. An aging DH with some health concerns albeit huge numbers last year isn’t someone many teams would like to commit to.

Davis can offer clubs some defensive versatility. As we saw during his days with the Mets, the man can play third base and the corner outfield. We can even add first base into the mix as well. Far from steady at any of those positions, we should think of him strictly as a designated hitter whose glove will only occasionally make an appearance.

Can the Mets really afford to carry either on the roster with the way the rest is constructed? If it’s choosing one of them over Vientos or even Brett Baty, it works out well. The alternative is to send down DJ Stewart whose sluggish spring should have them questioning whether he should be with the team on Opening Day or not.

The Mets have an automatic built-in fourth outfielder with Jeff McNeil on the roster anyway. The only downside is it means whenever he plays the outfield, Joey Wendle starts at second base. This shouldn’t be as big of a problem later on this year once Luisangel Acuna proves himself ready for MLB action.

The continued standoff with Martinez and connection to Davis after reaching free agency suggests money is in fact a concern more so than what Vientos can provide. Vientos is 6 for 31 this spring with a pair of home runs. He leads the team with 8 strikeouts as well.

If Davis was anybody else with his resume, the Mets would appear to be a much better match. Because of his criticism of the organization’s instability, there’s an awkward dark cloud hanging over him. He’s not wrong, though. The Mets have struggled to find stability in the manager role and front office. As brief of a time as Davis spent with the team, he was under three different managers if you don’t even count Carlos Beltran.

It’ll be a surprise if David Stearns makes either of these Mets rumors come true. Martinez’s price will need to drop drastically. Unfortunately for him, with Davis available at a lower cost for other teams, one less suitor is bound to meet his asking price. This can work well for the Mets as long as they don’t insult the veteran slugger along the way.