MLB insider casually suggests the possibility of an Edwin Diaz trade

Is Edwin Diaz one of the next big Mets pieces to get traded?
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New York Mets rumors about the possibility of the team trading Pete Alonso were hard enough to accept. What about Edwin Diaz? Buried in the latest from Bob Nightengale over at USA Today was the idea of the Mets trading more than Alonso this offseason. What about Diaz getting dealt, too?

Preposterous, right? Then again, the mere thought of them sending Justin Verlander away and paying a large portion of his contract caught us all off guard. At least Verlander didn’t fit into the team’s alleged plan to use the 2024 season as a chance to retool.

Diaz, on the other hand, is in the prime of his career and signed through 2028 with a catch. His contract has a player option in 2026 and again in 2027. The Mets won’t have the power, a team option, until the 2028 season when Diaz plays his age 34 season. Maybe there is something here after all.

NY Mets rumors: Why an Edwin Diaz trade actually does fit the team's mission yet remains unlikely at this time

The concept of the Mets doing any sort of retooling or rebuilding under Steve Cohen’s regime was unbelievable until a week ago. Now that the dust has settled and the reaction from many fans has been positive, swapping Diaz for some more youngsters could be in the cards.

The Mets took the L on Diaz in 2023 due to his freak injury in the WBC. Guaranteed to squeeze two more years from him before the player option kicks in, cutting ties sooner than later is something to mull over.

Nightengale is careful to mention this might be more of a trade deadline move than something to see in the offseason. Diaz will need to prove he’s healthy. Mets fans saw firsthand how an elite relief pitcher can see his career flash before his eyes. Dellin Betances is a perfect example. He was ineffective and unhealthy during his short stint with the Mets.

There is one troubling part of any Mets rumors involving beloved players such as Alonso and Diaz. Trading them resets the franchise further. Everyone expected David Robertson and others on expiring contracts to get dealt. We accepted Max Scherzer. Some are more reluctant to understand sending Justin Verlander to Houston.

Diaz falls into the same category as Alonso, maybe only slightly less so because he’s a closer and coming off of a major injury. There are far fewer questions about Alonso and the kind of impact he can continue to have with the team. Nevertheless, it’s going to be hard selling the fans a Diaz trade when the team’s Achilles heel has been building a bullpen. By the time we get to 2025, if the Mets are at their most competitive again, who’s pitching the ninth?