3 potential trade destinations for Dominic Smith

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2) NY Mets rumors: Chicago Cubs are a trade destination for Dominic Smith

This team that Murray mentions makes a lot more sense. There are plenty of Mets rumors out there along with speculation or even just fan wish lists that have the Chicago Cubs involved. If the team could snag something from them with Smith being one of the major pieces involved, it would feel like a win.

But before we get too excited, it’s going to cost more than Smith to land David Robertson, Ian Happ, or Willson Contreras. He’d just be one piece for them which would hopefully help the Mets keep a prospect instead.

Alfonso Rivas and Frank Schwindel have played first base more than anyone else for the Cubs this year. There is obviously room for the Cubs to take on Smith and see if maybe he can turn things around for them. They are in rebuild mode right now but could quickly pivot and start spending big in the offseason to speed up the process.

You’ll probably recall, the Cubs were the team many expected the Mets would flip Eric Hosmer to after the ill-fated trade with the San Diego Padres which would have dealt Dominic Smith out there. Now, it’s looking like the Cubs could be looking to buy low on one of the players involved in the trade. What could the Mets possibly look to get back for him?