Mets wisely refuse to budge on trade offers from the Marlins for Brett Baty

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
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The latest of the New York Mets rumors making the rounds is one we knew about previously. The Miami Marlins have been trying to pry Brett Baty away from the Mets, hoping to send Edward Cabrera or Jesus Luzardo to New York.

In certain situations, it could make some sense. The Mets are landing a young and controllable starting pitcher in exchange for someone who might not get significant at-bats this year anyway.

It’s also easy to see why Billy Eppler has balked at the offer. The Mets are staying true to themselves. The plan is to win this season. Are Cabrera or Luzardo going to help accomplish that?

Mets rumors: Brett Baty isn’t going anywhere, especially not the Marlins

The greatest fallout of Carlos Correa not coming to Queens is the future of Baty. When it seemed like Correa would become the new starting third baseman, it quickly meant Baty was destined to move into left field during his remaining stay with the organization. Third base has re-opened in the future. The plan could still have him get innings in the outfield. After all, we all expect Mets rumors about them chasing Manny Machado next offseason.

Baty for one of those young Marlins pitchers could work in the future. The Mets don’t have enough pitchers in the pipeline to give us confidence in the future. That’s not the concern right now. Winning the 2023 World Series is the priority.

Past Mets rumors about them shopping Carlos Carrasco could have opened the door to a trade for one of the Miami pitchers. Then comes a new debate. Are Cabrera or Luzardo better than Carrasco right now?

Cabrera made 14 starts for the Marlins last season, finishing 6-4 with a 3.01 ERA. He’s on the rise. He’ll be a pain in the division if he remains with the Marlins.

Luzardo had a very good year last year, too. In 18 starts he was 4-7 with a 3.32 ERA. However, Luzardo was horrific in 2021 with a 6.61 ERA in 95.1 innings of work. He’s an intriguing young arm but seems to have some risk factor to him. Oddly enough, he landed with the Marlins in the 2021 trade with the Oakland Athletics in exchange for Starling Marte.

If there’s one thing the Mets already have enough of it’s starting pitching depth. Behind the starting five they also have David Peterson and Tylor Megill. I’ll take those seven starters and wait to see what Baty can do this season even in a part-time role. Let the Marlins waste more phone calls. It’s not happening.

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