MLB insider views Brandon Nimmo as a consolation prize

New York Mets v Oakland Athletics
New York Mets v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Ahead of the MLB Winter Meetings, insiders are beginning to make more predictions as to where free agents will land and what kinds of trades teams may make. New York Mets rumors have linked them to plenty of players, including one of their own free agents, Brandon Nimmo.

Nimmo’s market has been one of the larger ones this offseason. Compared to Aaron Judge who seems to only have only three teams after him at the most, (New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, and maybe the Los Angeles Dodgers) no outfielder is seems more coveted.

Jon Heyman of the NY Post made some recent predictions while naming two favorites to sign each of the top 9 free agents will land. The Mets are not his favorites to sign Nimmo. He has the Giants signing Nimmo as a consolation prize for losing out on Judge.

Mets rumors: Focus on pitching could cause Brandon Nimmo to leave Flushing

According to Heyman’s Mets rumors, the ball club in blue and orange is focused on pitching and will need to play some catch up to get in on the Nimmo market. He names the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays as others “in” on Nimmo. However, it’s the Giants he lists as the favorite.

It’s a natural thought process especially with Heyman also saying the Giants miss out on signing Carlos Correa. San Francisco’s willingness to spend is apparent. They are the only other truly serious bidders for Judge.

Also relating to the Mets, Heyman has them listed as the favorites for Jacob deGrom with the Texas Rangers in second-place. He, like all of us, laughs at the idea of the Rays showing interest.

The Mets also fall in as a tie for second-place behind the Los Angeles Dodgers to sign Justin Verlander. The tie is with the Yankees.

It seems many of these top free agents are interconnected. If the Yankees miss on Judge, they’ll probably land Verlander or Carlos Rodon. Awaiting his decision is what should allow us to make better connections as to what happens next.

Apparently, what’s best for the Mets is for Judge to end up in San Francisco. This could be their best path toward retaining deGrom and Nimmo.

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