Bartolo Colon hopes to get another opportunity with the Mets, seriously

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Here’s a name nobody expected to hear mentioned in New York Mets rumors this year: Bartolo Colon.

Apparently, Big Bart is working hard and according to MLB Insider Hector Gomez, hoping to get an opportunity with the Mets.

It’s not April 1, is it?

Mets rumors linking Bartolo Colon are wishful thinking on his behalf

Colon always seems to have his name pop up as an option for the Mets. Most of the time, it’s coming from a fan who cannot figure out how to update their Twitter avatar and have mostly profane political tweets on their feed. This case is different. Gomez is legitimately reporting Colon’s desire to return to the Mets.

The last time Colon pitched in the big leagues was 2018 when he got rocked to a 5.78 ERA in 146.1 innings for the Texas Rangers. His final good year actually took place in 2016 as a member of the Mets.

Colon will turn 49 next week which would certainly make any takes about the Mets making the mistake of signing Max Scherzer because he’s too old seem a little strange.

Since leaving Major League Baseball, Colon has pitched in the Mexican League—the place he was able to perform last year. And perform is the right word for Colon. His name carries entertainment value.

There haven’t been any major Mets rumors about realistic possibilities although we have already speculated on our own as to a few names they could trade for. The club also has several internal options to consider before signing Colon to a deal. And even if they did make these surprising rumors come true, Colon would probably need a few weeks to get ready for any big league action at all.

On a night when the team is snowed out and about to embark on a tough stretch of schedule, the last thing you expected were Mets rumors pointing directly at Bartolo Colon. Let’s see how a few other guys do before reaching back in time for him.

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