5 trade destinations for Tommy Pham if the Mets sell

Tommy Pham figures to be one of the Mets most valuable pieces at the deadline. Which teams should the Mets look to send him to?
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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The Seattle Mariners would also benefit from Tommy Pham's bat in a potential trade with the Mets

The Mariners also have a recent trade history with the Mets, and those two teams should once again enter negotiations surrounding Tommy Pham.

A playoff hopeful after finally making it to October last season, the Mariners have had a disappointing start to 2023. At just one game over .500, the Mariners have been good but not good enough to compete with the Astors and Rangers for the divsion title as many fans had hoped.

Their hitting has taken a step back from last year, ranking in the bottom 10 in the league in OPS and particularly struggling vs left handed pitching. The Mariners are fairly set in the outfield, so Pham would most likely slide into the DH role or as a platoon strictly vs left handers. Regardless, this is a team that needs to make an upgrade if they want to get back into the playoffs for consecutive seasons.

After already trading with the Mariners just a few weeks prior, it's doubtful that the teams will repeat the same strategy of having the Mets take on a bad contract for a bullpen arm. Instead, the Mariners would most likely send the Mets a prospect or two in this deal, which might entice the team if they end up selling.

Tommy Pham will command a decent return at this years deadline, and the Mets would be wise to ship him away if the price is right. While the Mariners might not give the Mets as much as other teams might, the two have a positive history of trading between each other and that connection could find Pham a new home on August 1st.