5 trade destinations for Tommy Pham if the Mets sell

Tommy Pham figures to be one of the Mets most valuable pieces at the deadline. Which teams should the Mets look to send him to?
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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Another AL Central team, the Minnesota Twins should inquire with the Mets about Tommy Pham

The Twins and the Guardians find themselves in almost identical situations, with both separated by just half a game in the measly AL Central. The Twins have the sixth worst batting average across baseball, with one of the worst outfield OPS across the league as well. With the third best ERA in the league on the other end, this team should be a serious contender if they're able to turn around that putrid offense.

Tommy Pham would go a long way towards that offensive improvement. Will Castro is the only member of the outfield hitting above .240; the rest the outfielders are hitting .220 or lower. The Twins have a .218 average vs lefties as a collective, the worst in the league. That is exactly what Pham specializes in, making him a natural fit into their starting lineup.

In a potential trade, the Mets would most likely look towards acquiring prospects in return for Pham. The Twins wouldn't be likely to part ways with any starting pitching, and the lack of relievers under contract in the bullpen would likely have the Mets looking for potential instead of an MLB ready player.

Still, this deal would prove beneficial for both sides. The Twins would hopefully have to outbid their rival Guardians for Pham's services, and the Mets could always use the upgrade in their bullpen. The AL Central is wide open for the taking, so Pham's services could be well used across the division.