5 trade destinations for Tommy Pham if the Mets sell

Tommy Pham figures to be one of the Mets most valuable pieces at the deadline. Which teams should the Mets look to send him to?
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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Going into the trade deadline, the most valuable asset the New York Mets should be willing to sell will be Tommy Pham.

This would've been a major surprise at the start of the season, but Pham has done everything the Mets have asked him to do so far. Pham is hitting .277, has mashed 9 home runs and stolen 10 bases. Teams will be calling about the 35 year old, and the Mets should seriously consider selling him at the deadline considering Pham will be a free agent following the season. These teams could seriously use Pham's services, and the Mets should start a bidding war between them to get the best possible return for the much improved outfielder.

The New York Yankees should make the Mets an offer for Tommy Pham

While trades between the cross town rivals are rare, a deal based around Tommy Pham makes a ton of sense for both sides. Initially proposed by Evan Roberts on WFAN Sports Radio, the Yankees need Pham's bat while having an ample selection of bullpen arms to give back in return.

The Yankees bats have looked lifeless since Aaron Judge went down with an injury, and have been sorting through a plethora of replacement level outfielders in the meantime to no avail. Tommy Pham would presumably take over the starting job in the outfield his first day in the Bronx, and may even keep a DH role when Judge returns if he does well. For a team trying to keep pace in an incredibly difficult AL East, the Yankees will need to make an assortment of moves to not get left behind.

For the Mets, the bullpen remains the biggest need, as it has been all season long. Most Pham trades will presumably not bring in a massive return due to age and contract, but acquiring a prospect or veteran with multiple years on their contract would be considered a positive value.

After years of not trading with each other, the Mets and Yankees finally broke the barrier in 2022 with a low level reliever swap. Just a year later, the two teams have ample reason to reenter negotiations for a win-win trade as both New York teams make a push for a Wild Card spot.