4 teams have already called about Michael Conforto with the MLB Draft now in the rearview

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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With the MLB Draft now over with, there is no longer a loss of a draft pick associated with signing free agent Michael Conforto. Despite adding other outfielders to the mix in the offseason, there were New York Mets rumors that they explored the idea of a reunion with the club’s longtime outfielder.

However, a shoulder injury over the winter apparently stole away any desire from teams to take a chance on Conforto. He has sat out from baseball action in the months since only now reportedly getting phone calls about his availability.

His agent, Scott Boras, fed into the rumors about the future of his client by stating that he has already gotten four phone calls and only one came from outside of the United States—a hint that the Toronto Blue Jays are one of those teams.

NY Mets rumors: Would Michael Conforto be a fit for what New York needs?

Now comes the big question; will Conforto’s career with the Mets resume? They are looking for a bat. And given the fact that he is working his way back from a shoulder injury, they might be able to get away with him swinging as the team’s DH. Bryce Harper did it for a long time for the Philadelphia Phillies this year before another injury finally caught up with him and knocked him onto the IL.

We should expect to see speculation and maybe even a few Mets rumors whispered about Conforto coming back. After all, if the Mets truly would prefer to hold onto their best prospects while still adding to the roster, no one would fit the narrative better than signing Conforto.

Boras didn’t show any hint as to who the other three teams that inquired about him are. Nor does it really matter because we already know that if the Mets had interest they wouldn’t have had to wait until after the draft anyway. They were not at any risk of losing a draft pick. If there was even the slightest bit of interest, it would have happened before the draft took place before others got a little more eager.

Don’t count on Conforto actually re-signing with the Mets now, no matter how romantic it would be. He could end up with some contender, somewhere. At least he has hit a major league home run more recently than Dominic Smith. Expect to see that in Boras’ pitch to interested teams.

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