Mets turn their attention to these 4 obvious free agent targets

New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Carlos Correa definitely did hold up the New York Mets at pursuing other roster upgrades. With him headed back to the Minnesota Twins, the team can focus elsewhere. Mets rumors about their interest in some very obvious roster upgrades have now begun to leak.

The Mets will need to look at the offense while also taking a closer look at their bullpen. Post-Correa, it’s these four names which have already appeared in Mets rumors.

1) Mets rumors: Andrew McCutchen is an obvious fourth outfielder upgrade

Andrew McCutchen is a former MVP whose best days are well behind him. However, he remains a good locker room guy and someone whose bat the Mets could use to replace Darin Ruf. He can still hit for power but he is really only a corner outfielder at this point of his career.

There’s nothing dazzling about him. In a part-time role, maybe the Mets can mask his weaknesses.

2) Mets rumors: Trey Mancini is a little more like what they already have

Trey Mancini’s poor playoff performance may have soured a few teams on him. The first baseman/corner outfielder is much more like Ruf than anyone is comfortable admitting. He’s younger, though, and a far better player. It’s no surprise to see him join the Mets rumors. He was a trade deadline target of theirs after all.

Teams may have avoided him thus far because of asking price or role. Mancini won’t get much playing time with the Mets. A vicious circle in free agency can open up if all he does is a settle for a cheap, one-year deal and part-time role.

3) Mets rumors: Adam Duvall is the best outfield candidate for one reason

Adam Duvall is the third of the remaining outfielders who would probably fit with the Mets. What makes him a little more special than those other two is his ability to play center field.

After missing a lot of 2022 due to injury, we should have some doubts about where his defensive abilities now lie. He’s worth considering. A Gold Glove in 2021 is definitely intriguing.

4) Mets rumors: Zack Britton is the latest reliever on the radar

Remember, it’s Zack with a “K” for strikeout now. Zack Briton is a name everyone knows well. A member of the New York Yankees for several years, his biggest moment in baseball came when Buck Showalter didn’t bring him into a playoff game for the Baltimore Orioles. They were promptly eliminated with him still in the bullpen after an amazing regular season.

Teams haven’t jumped on Britton because he has appeared in only 25 games over the last two seasons. Now 35, it does feel like this could be another Dellin Betances signing for the Mets. Proceed with caution.

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