3 Mets trade to make to catch the Braves in the NL East

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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The Mets need more than one arm for a bullpen that needs it

As the season progresses, each game, each series becomes a fiercer competition for a comfortable playoff berth. This causes each situation in the game to merit necessary changes to capitalize on.

At this point, the bullpen becomes an area of ​​extreme importance and need, which is used enormously in every game. This makes the market for relievers heading to the trade deadline eye-catching.

The Mets are a team that will need multiple options in a bullpen with a lot of inconsistency outside of David Robertson. This makes Aroldis Chapman a name the Mets should pay attention to.

Chapman is in a great year, putting up ratios like his best years with the Yankees. Despite continuing to show control problems, the Cuban has limited his opponents' hard-hit contact while ranking among the top pitchers in strikeout percentage.

Chapman has an affordable contract of just one year and $3.5 million, which makes him an attractive trade chip this summer. The plus that this pitcher brings is his experience in the most difficult and demanding baseball market, New York City.

By acquiring Aroldis Chapman, the Mets would be adding a high-leverage situation reliever at a low cost. The Mets could acquire Chapman for a top 20 prospect in their farm system or multiple prospects outside the team's top 30.