3 Mets trade to make to catch the Braves in the NL East

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The Mets should acquire a familiar bat in the NL East

If we have learned anything in recent years, is that teams that go the furthest are the ones with the greatest depth. When a model works, the ideal is to try to repeat it.

A few years ago, the Atlanta Braves achieved a streak that led them to be crowned champions, with an interesting approach toward the trade deadline. Alex Anthopoulos took his sights off the biggest names available in the market and made three trades for three outfielders that gave the Braves the spark they needed to win the World Series.

This year one of those bats will be available on the market. Although the San Francisco Giants have not defined their position, even as buyers they will have to carry out mixed actions with their roster.

Joc Pederson is playing on a one-year deal after accepting the Giants' Qualifying Offer last offseason. Being a rental with a high-cost contract makes Pederson an attractive trade chip but for those big market teams willing to assume the remaining salary to pay little for their services.

Pederson would enter the Mets' lineup as an immediate upgrade over Daniel Vogelbach and offers the option to play the LF. The Giants outfielder continues to hit the ball forcefully with almost 50% HardHit% and the highest Barrel% of his entire career.

With this trade, the Mets would quickly improve their lineup by incorporating the much-needed power they've been looking for. The return for Pederson's services would not be high and could get done with a top 15-20 prospect plus a non-top 30 prospect.