3 Mets trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

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3) NY Mets trade rumors to squelch: Shane Bieber cut loose from Cleveland

Shane Bieber has been a dream trade candidate for Mets fans probably since before Francisco Lindor even arrived in Flushing. The Cleveland Guardians trading him seems inevitable. Considering how they’ve played this year, a trade deadline sale could be in their future.

Bieber has only one more year of control beyond 2023 and the Mets should already have their sights on signing him in free agency. However, it is important to note that any team who does manage to acquire him would probably want to extend him almost immediately. A freshly-turned 28 on May 31, he’s very much at the start of what should be the prime of his career.

One reason why the Guardians should hold onto Bieber this year even if they do end up as trade deadline sellers is how many more teams could look to trade with them this offseason. In fact, the types of offers they’d get might be much better. The trade deadline usually involves buyers and sellers. In the winter months, a trade of Bieber for major league assets who can help the Guardians right now is how they can stay competitive instead of undergoing a rebuild.

The cost to acquire Bieber with a year and a half of control is huge and yet something the Mets need to consider this summer. Will it happen? Not a chance. In the offseason when they can subtract from the major league roster, maybe it can. Whatever they did give up would still sting.