3 Mets trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

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2) NY Mets trade rumors to squelch: Shohei Ohtani arrives a few months early

The Mets trade rumors involving Shohei Ohtani are dead. It was something to think about last summer. In the offseason, the consideration still existed. Now with the Los Angeles Angels at least playing competent baseball and showing they might stick around to make a fight for a playoff spot, the chances of them trading Ohtani are much slimmer.

More so, Ohtani trade rumors to the Mets simply won’t happen because of how much it would cost to get him. By choosing to keep him, the Angels definitely limited themselves to what they could get back for a rental even if it is one of the greatest starts in the game. The Mets, who could actually use a starting pitcher and DH upgrade, would be a perfect fit. They’re also incredibly shy when it comes to giving up young players. They’re not going to overpay for two months of Ohtani. It’s not what this front office does.

Ohtani will be very much on the Mets’ radar this offseason when he officially becomes a free agent. That’s a whole different debate. Is he worth the $500 million+ many believe he can get?

What’s not up for much debate is finding a match between the Mets and Angels to deal him before the August 1 trade deadline. There’s a chance the Angels collapse and Ohtani is shipped out. If so, it’ll be to a team with a bit more desperation and a few more young players to burn in the deal.