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Despite a bad season, Carlos Carrasco should still be traded away by the Mets today

There's no being gentle about it; Carlos Carrasco has been horrible for the Mets this season. However, if the Mets continue their trade deadline trend and take on the majority of Carrasco's contract in a trade, they should be able to ship the former Cy Young finalist to a new team.

Owning a 6.40 ERA on the year, Carrasco has regressed significantly across the board, with 13 home runs allowed in just 15 starts. He is on the final year of his contract with the Mets, and regardless of he gets moved or not, it's likely that he won't be with the team in 2024.

With that said, he has still shown signs of life this season. His eight inning masterpiece against the Arizona Diamondbacks shows that he still has some more in the tank, and a team may be willing to take a chance on him for the minimum salary and a low end prospect. Those same Diamondbacks could use some starting pitching help, as could teams like the Baltimore Orioles or Los Angeles Dodgers.

The return for Carrasco would be minimal, and truthfully most Mets fans would be perfectly fine DFA'ing the struggling pitcher if no trade formulates. The Mets have to try to convince a team to "buy low" on the struggling righty and be willing to take on salary in return, but any prospect for Carrasco at this point would be worth it.