3 Mets players to remove from the block after the Max Scherzer trade

The Mets should remove these three players from the trade block.
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3) NY Mets rumors: Remove Jose Quintana from the trade block

Jose Quintana has made only two starts for the Mets and they’ve been predictable. He didn’t last long, didn’t give up too many runs, and somehow came away with the loss. Rumors of Quintana having suitors popped up after his first start. The Mets should reconsider because finding another pitcher of his ability for the price they’re paying will be difficult.

In a strange way, Quintana missing most of the 2023 season can benefit him. The 34-year-old has logged over 1700 MLB innings. This “rest” period during his rehab has the potential to have him a little fresher for next season. Right now, the Mets are in full “what’s next?” mode. Quintana, with a $13 million salary for 2024, should be a part of it.

It’s not quite as egregious for the Mets to trade Quintana as it would be to deal away Verlander or Raley. We’ve hardly gotten to know the guy. The attachment isn’t there. The demand for a starting pitcher like him is probably pretty great right now and yet so is the need for the Mets to have him back in 2024.

The Mets need to avoid going into every offseason with an empty roster that needs refueling in free agency. This hurt them this past winter. Let’s avoid it again by keeping Quintana around for anything short of a starting pitcher solution for the 2024 campaign. It’s hard to see that kind of offer coming along.