3 players the Mets should sign while they wait around for the Yoshinobu Yamamoto decision

While waiting for the star, the Mets should add these three players.
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2) The Mets should sign Lucas Giolito while they wait

Even though Lucas Giolito wasn’t one of the pitchers in my prediction for the Mets rotation if they sign Yamamoto, I believe adding him would be a savvy addition. He’s a proven innings eater coming off of a whacky year spent with three different teams. His career has been unpredictable at times. Will the team who signs him get the Cy Young contender he was in certain years or the batting practice ace he has been in other seasons?

In some ways, Giolito can be regarded as an upper-tier free agent pitcher. In others, he’s absolutely not. Because of this strange predicament he is in, a short-term deal is expected. One or maybe two seasons at the most is what we’re looking at. The AAV, which should be north of what the Mets gave Luis Severino, will be buying into Giolito bouncing back. He very well may.

The big options for the Mets are to sign either Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery. Each has their quirks. Snell is coming off of a Cy Young winning campaign and likely to get overpaid and for many years. Montgomery, as the accepted second-best option out there, is going to get ace money without being an actual ace. The shallow free agent class of starting pitchers will be enough for someone to give him a healthy contract.

Combine the upside and the shortness of a deal with Giolito and he seems to match exactly what it is the Mets are doing.