3 players the Mets should sign while they wait around for the Yoshinobu Yamamoto decision

While waiting for the star, the Mets should add these three players.
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A friend of mine used the pickup line “If this takes any longer, I’m going to miss Christmas!” on a girl back in middle school while they were in a queue at an amusement park. It worked! Sometimes you just have to break the ice. They’re now happily married to completely different people no less. The New York Mets can’t get caught waiting around for their star signing which, according to the latest might last until the New Year.

Not even Yoshinobu Yamamoto seems to know what he wants. Fair enough as it’s one of the biggest decisions of his life thus far.

While waiting around for him to make a decision, David Stearns should make these three Mets rumors come true.

1) The Mets should sign Justin Turner while they wait

Justin Turner makes too much sense for the Mets right now. Fortunately, following the devastating injury news to Ronny Mauricio, Mets rumors of them circling over to their long-lost infielder have surfaced. Turner as the everyday DH and occasional third baseman is such a great fit right now that going in any other direction would feel irresponsible.

Signing Turner should have nothing to do with adding Yamamoto. Holes for completely different roster spots, any money they would have thrown at Turner isn’t coming out of the Yamamoto fund anyway. 

Turner, unlike some of the other DH options, wouldn’t require a lengthy contract. Compared to Jorge Soler and Teoscar Hernandez who should be in the market for three-year deals, Turner’s age might limit him to only one or two tops.

Before another team decides they’re out on Yamamoto and allocates some dollars toward Turner, the Mets need to swoop in.