3 late-inning relief pitcher options the Mets are already scouting

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Mets rumors: Another chance to add Andrew Chafin to the bullpen

Andrew Chafin was a guy plenty of Mets fans wanted in the offseason. He ended up with the Detroit Tigers where he has gotten the job done. Sadly, not too many other players on the team have had as much luck.

Chafin would be an upgrade over Shreve or Rodriguez. Even if it meant having to designate one for assignment, it would be the right move to make. The Mets have shown a willingness to make baseball decisions this year. Saying goodbye to either of them wouldn’t be all that costly although it does admit they should have gone after someone like Chafin a little harder in the offseason.

Detroit is in a strange situation because they had hoped to compete a little more seriously this year. Unfortunately, they aren’t close to it. Do they sell off any pieces they can or hold onto anyone under team control for next season and give it another go?

There should be a lot of suitors out there for Chafin. His excellence last year put him on the radar of any team in need of a reliever. Another strong start in 2022 should have him as a main Mets target.

Unlike Robertson, it won’t take an injury to convince me Chafin is a good acquisition for the Mets. Keeping two lefties in the bullpen is important. He is someone to watch closely.