3 Mets rumors we'll be glad never came true, 3 we'll wish did happen

Piling an offseason full of Mets rumors into two categories.
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We’ll be glad the Mets rumors of signing Robert Stephenson never came true

A fascinating free agent whose name appeared in Mets rumors this offseason, reliever Robert Stephenson parlayed a big year with the Tampa Bay Rays into a ridiculous three-year contract worth $33 million with the Los Angeles Angels. There was never a chance the Mets were going to make a relief pitcher their biggest addition of the offseason. What’s more, it wasn’t going to land in the pockets of a guy who might just be a result of whatever magic the Tampa Bay Rays brew.

Stephenson is 17-20 with a 4.64 ERA in his lifetime. The 2.35 ERA posted in 38.1 innings for the Rays last year is an outlier on his career stat sheet. He has been good at times in the past, including a 3.13 ERA performance for the Colorado Rockies in 2021. However, that success didn’t last forever as it ballooned up to 6.04 in his 44.2 innings in 2022. He’d end up claimed off waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates in August.

The Mets’ interest in Stephenson is similar to why they found themselves signing Jake Diekman. Another guy who finished the season with the Rays much better than he started it with his previous club, at least Diekman will scratch the itch Stephenson gave them and at a much lower price tag.