3 Mets rumors we'll be glad never came true, 3 we'll wish did happen

Piling an offseason full of Mets rumors into two categories.
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We’ll wish the Mets rumors of signing Justin Turner came true

Some of the same problems the Joey Wendle signing created with Gio Urshela exist in their rumored pursuit of Justin Turner. It’s not apples to apples but the similarities are there. Had the Mets signed Turner, there would have been less incentive to keep Mark Vientos on the roster at all. Otherwise they would have a roster with three third basemen whose defense isn’t good enough. We know how much David Stearns values the glove.

Turner would have only been a third base option in case of emergency. The Mets seem dedicated to figuring out what they have in Vientos and Brett Baty this year. Originally, it was going to be a three-man battle with Ronny Mauricio added in. The second-place loser could have been sent to the minors.

There is little excuse as to why the Mets didn’t sign Turner unless he just didn’t have interest in the Mets. His one-year deal worth $13 million isn’t outrageous. We’ll look northward at how he does with the Toronto Blue Jays this year to see if he truly was the right match for the Mets or not.

Considering how well he hit last year for the Boston Red Sox and the consistent numbers he has put up over each of the last three seasons, there’s little reason to believe he’s going to crash and burn. In fact, getting the majority of his at-bats as a DH should only help keep him feeling young.