3 Mets rumors we'll be glad never came true, 3 we'll wish did happen

Piling an offseason full of Mets rumors into two categories.
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We’ll wish the Mets rumors of signing Gio Urshela came true

It’s understandable why the Mets didn’t end up with Gio Urshela. There was simply not enough room for him on the roster by the time the hot stove heated up for him. Urshela ended up signing with the Detroit Tigers for $1.5 million late in the offseason. It’s amazingly less than what the Mets will pay Joey Wendle this year despite Urshela being the superior player.

Urshela missed a whole bunch of time with the Los Angeles Angels last year so health concerns could be one of the reasons why the Mets went in a different direction. More so, their rush to sign Wendle before Ronny Mauricio went down with a season-ending injury is what we should be upset about most. Wendle was one of the earliest MLB free agent deals to happen. A slight upgrade over Luis Guillorme, it ended up limiting some of the other moves the Mets would make later on.

Urshela as the backup third baseman on the Mets with the capability of playing the other infield positions would have looked much better than Wendle. His bat is superior in every way. And despite the injuries last year, he did still perform well on the field.

The Urshela Mets rumors didn’t pick up until much later in the winter. If they had waited, he would’ve been a huge bargain. A lack of clear playing time spoiled any chance of it ever happening.