How 3 Mets free agent DH targets are performing in 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies
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3) NY Mets rumors we wish came true: Signing Justin Turner

The case to sign J.D. Martinez was divisive. Pursuing Andrew McCutchen had fans pretty much unified as he seemed to fit exactly what they could use. When it came to Justin Turner, many of us didn’t get all that excited about seeing him headline any of those offseason free agent Mets rumors.

There was a point when the Mets reportedly did consider signing him. Turner ended up with the Boston Red Sox where he has dazzled while taking home $8.3 million from the Red Sox this season with a player option to earn $13.4 million next season.

Turner already has 10 home runs and 37 RBI this year in 298 plate appearances. Slashing .277/.352/.447 for the BoSox, he has helped ignite a lineup that didn’t look all too powerful coming into the year. They’ve used him mostly as a DH but also handed him a few starts at first base and even less at third base where he may have gotten too old to play regularly.

Turner has turned out to be one of the better free agent signings of the winter in terms of dollar and value. He has helped give them a strong identity and kept them well within reach of a playoff spot.

Returning to the Mets would have had plenty of poetry as he is often regarded as one of the players the team foolishly gave up on too quickly. Yes, indeed. It was the very next year in 2014 when Turner became one of the core pieces of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now he’s helping the Red Sox win games. He would’ve been a great and experienced winner to have.