How 3 Mets free agent DH targets are performing in 2023

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2) NY Mets rumors we wish came true: Signing Andrew McCutchen

Hometown hero Andrew McCutchen returned to the Pittsburgh Pirates this offseason but not before he headlined some offseason Mets rumors. An alternative option to signing Pham, McCutchen has trended more toward regular DH duties yet he’s far more capable of playing a corner outfield spot than Martinez. He would have been a nice everyday DH with the ability to occasionally play left field or even right field. Starling Marte and him would have reunited in New York and we’d be wondering when the parade would take place in October or early November, right?

Based on how McCutchen has performed with the Pirates, it’s definitely unfortunate the Mets didn’t land him. One-year deal worth $5 million was all it cost Pittsburgh to reunite with the beloved star.He has been worth the money with an early .264/.385/.425 performance through 260 plate appearances. McCutchen has 7 doubles, 9 home runs, and 24 RBI as well. Limited to just 7 starts so far in right field, he’s practically a pure DH.

One of the big reasons why McCutchen went to the Pirates instead of the Mets was the opportunity to play. While Pham has ended up playing a lot more than I think any of us expected thanks to his possession of one of the hottest bats on the roster, it was no sure bet as players like him and McCutchen searched for a job. McCutchen would have started every day against lefties to start the season. He would have been required to earn more versus right-handed pitchers, or at least wait until Vogelbach lost those opportunities.