A Mets decision that would be a step backward for the rotation

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We now know 40% of the New York Mets starting rotation plan for 2023. Max Scherzer was the only sure bet. With Carlos Carrasco having his 2023 option picked up, two of the five members are now secured.

Jacob deGrom, Chris Bassitt, and Taijuan Walker are the mysteries. All candidates to return, it seems as if Bassitt could re-sign quickly while deGrom’s free agency drags out a little longer. As for Walker, he always seemed most likely to leave and nothing has changed on that front.

The Mets have a lot of decisions to make in regards to their starting rotation. One decision they could make signals a step backward.

Mets rotation plan shouldn’t include Tylor Megill or David Peterson

Should Tylor Megill or David Peterson start games for the Mets in 2023? They probably should at some point assuming someone is hurt or ineffective. Plus there are those doubleheaders and days where you just want to give your arms some extra rest.

Megill and Peterson have a lot in common. Last spring, they were in a faceoff for the right to become the sixth starter. The deGrom injury allowed Megill to actually slot in as the Opening Day starter. An injury of his own erased much of his season. It was Peterson who reigned supreme as he bounced up and down from Triple-A to the majors all year.

What’s clear is that neither is quite at the same level as the other Mets starters. It’s not a disaster if either ends up in the starting rotation to begin the year. It’s less than ideal.

This leaves the Mets with some decisions to make with this pair. Does Megill slot in as a reliever/emergency starter and possibly take on the Trevor Williams role?

What about Peterson? He was amazingly effective when considering how inconsistent he was allowed to start for the big league Mets. Williams impressed us by moving in between the bullpen and rotation. Traveling from Syracuse to Flushing or wherever else the Mets were might be an even bigger achievement by Peterson.

A Mets rotation featuring just about any realistic combination of four pitchers finishing off with Megill or Peterson feels like a step in the wrong direction. Both can overcome any doubts we may have. The problem is the Mets would be starting off the year a little weaker. The two are solid depth pieces they can turn to. Anything more might be a reach.

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