5 Mets players who won’t make the Opening Day roster but will have an impact in 2023

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4) Bryce Montes de Oca should be the first reliever the Mets turn to for innings

The Mets have several new arms to the organization we could see called up to the big leagues when they are in need of relief. One of the leftovers from last season with some promise of a future with the organization is Bryce Montes de Oca. The 6’7 turns 27 this April and could already be a candidate for the Opening Day roster. I don’t think he gets it. I do believe he’ll make his way onto the roster later on this year when someone is hurt or another guy proves himself unworthy.

Montes de Oca had a successful year in the minors last season, tossing 51.1 innings and doing it with a 3.33 ERA. He saved 11 games on the farm, throwing hard yet wildly. While he did strike out 14 batters per 9, Montes de Oca issued 6.7 walks per 9 as well.

The Mets gave him three games in September to show them what he could offer. His 4 earned runs in only 3.1 innings wasn’t ideal. It’s not nearly enough of a sample to write him off.

New York should be in search of controllable young arms like Montes de Oca. They can’t keep signing veterans forever. This season is one to figure out if he’s someone they can rely on.

Give Montes de Oca some time with Syracuse to close out games. When the Mets are in need of a fireballer, he’s the guy to call.