5 Mets players who won’t make the Opening Day roster but will have an impact in 2023

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2) Francisco Alvarez is going to be the midseason bat the Mets need most

It doesn’t seem there is much of a chance for Francisco Alvarez to make his way onto the Opening Day roster. With no intentions of having him in the DH conversation, he doesn’t really fit in unless Omar Narvaez or Tomas Nido gets hurt in the spring. The team is already carrying two first basemen with Pete Alonso and Daniel Vogelbach. Three catchers is complete overkill.

Alvarez should still have a major impact on the Mets this year. He was not ready when he was promoted last season. Some more innings behind the plate and some Triple-A at-bats will change what the front office thinks about him in terms of readiness.

There is always a chance he gets called up sooner than he is deemed ready. Catchers get battered as much as any athlete out there. Expecting Narvaez and Nido to escape the year unscathed is ambitious.

By the time Alvarez does arrive in the major leagues, the Mets could have a greater need for his bat in a DH role. Vogelbach isn’t making enough money to keep on the roster. He’s definitely a player they could trade or DFA if things don’t work out.

It’s hard to imagine Alvarez not contributing in some ways this year. We will have to wait a few months. It’ll happen.