All-time New York Mets roster based only on WAR

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All-time NY Mets starting pitching staff based only on WAR

We’ve already revealed the most obvious ace of the staff, Tom Seaver. What about the rest of the guys? Here’s how the full starting five would look.

SP1-Tom Seaver (76.1)
SP2-Dwight Gooden (41.6)
SP3-Jacob deGrom (41.2)
SP4-Jerry Koosman (39.5)
SP5-Al Leiter (28.0)

Every generation of Mets fans has a guy in this rotation. Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman cover the ones who’ve lingered around for a long time. Dwight Gooden has fans from the 80s. Al Leiter gets those who fell in love with the team in the 90s. Then there’s Jacob deGrom who gets the youngest generation of all the most excited.

None of these pitchers are active with the Mets and barring a return by deGrom to Queens the numbers aren’t changing. In fact, none of the Mets pitchers currently on the team or still active in baseball are all that close to joining this list.

Sid Fernandez (27.6) was the next man who had a chance to possibly make it. Instead, we’ll settle with just two lefties in the rotation.

Theoretically, we might want to separate Koosman and Leiter in the rotation. Back-to-back lefties might not work out so well.

You could have probably named these five as your starters without even WAR. But now we’ve arrived at the final part of any all-time roster, the bullpen. Who will be summoned in relief to finish games for this team?