All-time New York Mets roster based only on WAR

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All-time NY Mets roster based only on WAR bench players

Lucky for us, the next four players to make up our bench are nearly perfect to round out the ball club.

C-John Stearns (19.6)
INF-Bud Harrelson (18.7)
OF-Brandon Nimmo (18.7+)
UT-Jeff McNeil (18.2+)

We get a backup catcher, an infielder with a glove, an outfielder who can play center field as well as the other two positions, and then the ultimate utility man. These are conveniently the next four players listed on the WAR charts for the Mets. Brandon Nimmo and Jeff McNeil add a modern flare to the team. They get a plus sign next to their names. Their WAR totals are as of the start of June 2023.

If there is one possible change to make it might be to swap out Bud Harrelson for the next guy on the WAR list, Cleon Jones. This Mets roster already has Howard Johnson as a potential backup infielder. Adding Harrelson and Jeff McNeil might be a little overkill. This gives them with only Brandon Nimmo as a true backup outfielder. McNeil could easily serve this role anyway. And because he recently nudged himself above Cleon Jones and his 18.1 WAR with the Mets, he’ll be here when this hypothetical game never takes place.

Others just missing the cut are John Olerud (17.3), Lenny Dykstra (16.5), and Pete Alonso (15.8) as well as Kevin McReynolds (15.8).

We have a pretty good roster so far. Now we turn our attention to the pitching staff.