Tomas Nido is wearing out his welcome on the Mets roster

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
Washington Nationals v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Tomas Nido defenders didn’t have a good Friday night. An 0 for 3 night with 2 strikeouts and an error brought out the boo birds for the New York Mets catcher. He almost cost them the game. The Mets were saved by a line drive that hit a Rockies base runner to end a potential rally.

Mets fans have become growingly more frustrated with Nido whose reputation as a good defensive catcher doesn’t always show. He received an unexpected extension earlier this year that we should question because Omar Narvaez already has a player option for next year as well. When do they hand the keys over to Francisco Alvarez anyway?

Yes, the Mets managed to pull off the 1-0 victory. The much-needed W came with some bitterness for a Mets lineup that just isn’t hitting. With everyone else around Nido performing so poorly, they can no longer mask his automatic out status.

What do the New York Mets do with Tomas Nido?

Nido is now 6 for 51 to start the season. He doesn’t have an extra-base hit. His .118 batting average is a nice tip of the cap to the days when pitchers would hit except he’s no pitcher. Nido is a position player on a team that could really use the offensive production a player like Alvarez may be able to provide them.

As a whole, the Mets roster has some major problems. Nido has to be pinch-hit for often. It’s not too unusual for a catcher known for his defense, but add in the other limitations within this lineup.

Daniel Vogelbach only being able to DH against righties and needing pinch runners late makes him a detrimental part of the roster. The Mets are often needing to pinch run for him and then replace the pinch runner with someone who might be able to hit. When Tim Locastro was healthy, he was often the guy to enter for Vogelbach. His weak bat made him someone the Mets would then need to replace in the order if they ever got to that point. He’s actually one of the small number of regular hitting over .250 right now which makes it tough to criticize his performance. It’s what’s around him (and Nido) that doesn’t always make the most sense.

Nido has been a favorite for many fans for a few years almost to an unexplainable level. Lovers of pitch framing and other statistics may find something to like about him. A joy to follow on Twitter, his performance on the field is becoming incredibly frustrating because he is offering them nothing at the plate.

The Mets did manage to hold the Rockies scoreless and some of the credit does fall on Nido. Kodai Senga was good, but not brilliant. We'll take it.

Would things have been different with Alvarez behind the plate? He has been slow to start this year and if he’s not red hot by the time Narvaez comes back we’ll probably see him sent back to Triple-A.

It’s a shame the Mets are built the way they are. Keeping Alvarez as a third catcher and DH could work under different circumstances. You can’t do it when you already have Vogelbach and his limitations. It doesn't work well either with Nido around and with an extension already in place, it seems unlikely for the Mets to cut ties with him only a few months later. Instead, we’ll see decisions that aren’t necessarily best for the win column.