5 best candidates to call up when rosters expand in September

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2) NY Mets prospect Mark Vientos is ready to see big league pitching

No Mets prospect is more prepared to see MLB pitchers than Mark Vientos. As limited as he is on defense, having another right-handed stick with power can be valuable to the ball club.

Fans have wanted to see Vientos for months. J.D. Davis wasn’t cutting it. Nor was Dominic Smith. We can debate whether or not Vientos was or is ready for major league action. September is an opportunity to learn a little bit more about him.

Because the Mets have waited this long, we may simply see them promote someone like Travis Blankenhorn because of his defensive versatility. That’s okay. It’s probably a smart move to make anyway. It’s just not as exciting as calling up Vientos.

Vientos is one of several Mets prospects whose role on the big league team is a bit of a mystery. Once a third base prospect, he has played much more first base. He’d be a natural DH but the Mets aren’t going to take away too many at-bats from Daniel Vogelbach or Darin Ruf down the stretch. Vientos could be someone to start on a Sunday or pinch hit in an earlier situation during a game that could call for it.

If I had to predict, we don’t see Vientos immediately promoted. What about the other highly-anticipated prospect fans are eager to see?