5 best candidates to call up when rosters expand in September

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MLB no longer has the ridiculous 40-man rosters in September. How did all of those extra people fit on the bench? Teams can still add two extra players in September which means the New York Mets will have a 28-man roster in the final month.

This is an opportunity for the Mets to add some pieces. The pitchers are fairly obvious. With Tylor Megill inserting himself into the bullpen and guys like Adonis Medina, Yoan Lopez, and Stephen Nogosek rotating with their spot in the bullpen, we probably will see the most movement there.

What about the other candidates to promote? There are a mix of major leaguers and guys who have yet to have their sip of coffee who could be candidates to see some extra September action.

5) NY Mets could end up feeling obligated to have Dominic Smith around

Should Dominic Smith be on the Mets roster in September? It’s rather unappealing but there is an argument to make. With the extra roster spots, the Mets can afford to have a left-handed pinch hitter. If used properly, maybe he does turn things around and increases his currently lifeless trade value.

On the other hand, would irregular at-bats really help Smith do much? He has struggled in this role before and also excelled at it. September isn’t the time to take chances on guys you’re sure aren’t a part of the future.

The plus side with Smith is he has faced big league pitchers before and been good at it. There is no learning curve. If anything, he has to relearn some things.

It’s unattractive yet very possible that one of the extra two roster spots gets handed back to him.