Current Mets second base options for the 2022 season

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NY Mets second base candidate: Robinson Cano

It seems that Robinson Cano will be back with the Mets in 2022. Following his year-long suspension, the veteran second base is coming back with something to prove.

If you believe there will be a DH when baseball returns, Cano seems to fit in as a regular in this role. He shouldn’t throw out his glove for good, but for him to get the bulk of the starts at second base next season could be a mistake.

Those with little faith McNeil will return in 2022 have to then believe Cano will begin the year as the team’s starting second baseman. It’s not what anyone wants to see. He broke the cardinal rule of baseball: don’t cheat.

Not only did Cano take PEDs and get caught, he did it all over again. It’s hard to forgive such arrogance.

The downside to Cano not playing regularly is that the Mets will have over $20 million invested in one player riding the pine. It’s a waste of payroll and a roster space, particularly if it hinders future moves.

The front office has done nothing to indicate Cano will be shown out the door prior to next season beginning. Unless they reach outside the organization to add another player, it seems like he's the next guy in line after McNeil.