2 free agents and 1 trade target to replace Ronny Mauricio on the roster

How will the New York Mets replace Ronny Mauricio on the roster?
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Miguel Rojas is a logical trade target for the Mets

Miguel Rojas doesn’t have a starting gig with the Los Angeles Dodgers anymore. With the club already dumping players onto the New York Yankees to clear out 40-man roster spots, could they look to do the same with their backup infielder?

Most of Rojas’ career was spent with the Miami Marlins where he eventually worked his way into becoming a starter. More of a shortstop, he does at least have solid career numbers defensively at the hot corner. We’d have to hope the transition isn’t too great.

Making a trade for Rojas might be more of a swap for cash considerations where all the Dodgers do is pay a portion of his salary. Owed another $5.75 million in 2024 with a $1 million buyout the following year, Rojas is an affordable defense-first infielder the Mets can probably have if they ask nicely enough.

Why it doesn’t work: I’m not sold on Rojas on the Mets roster because they already have Wendle and he hasn’t hit well the last two years, posting an identical .236 batting average for the Marlins and Dodgers. He does work for the Mets because he’s not a guy who’d be choosing to come to the Mets therefore would have the expectation of more playing time. We also need the Dodgers to be willing to give him up. Nearly $6 million isn’t going to make them go broke even if it is almost triple what they’ll pay Shohei Ohtani.

Likely, David Stearns will sign or trade for a guy we have to Google. It worked well with J.D. Davis. Anyone up for some Rylan Bannon over at third base this year?