2 free agents and 1 trade target to replace Ronny Mauricio on the roster

How will the New York Mets replace Ronny Mauricio on the roster?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
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Gio Urshela is a match again

Before the team signed Wendle, Gio Urshela was a personal preferred choice for that roster spot. Understandably, they went smaller and cheaper. Wendle can’t expect to start on a major league roster. Urshela, however, might have hopes of doing so.

The trouble with convincing Urshela to sign with the Mets is there isn’t as much room on the roster for him as there would be with Turner as a natural DH. Urshela would have to share duties with Baty at third base. For sure capable of playing second base as well but far less experienced, maybe he even starts there instead of McNeil anytime the Mets run him out into a corner outfield spot or give him the day off.

Urshela played in only 62 games last season for the Los Angeles Angels so he could end up as a candidate to sign a shorter deal to regain some value. Are the Mets really the best place for him to do it?

Why it doesn’t work: The big issue with signing Urshela is he probably would want to play much more than they could offer. On a roster without Turner as the DH, Urshela is valuable as it can allow the Mets to rotate through who gets those at-bats. The problem is the offense fails to get a major boost. Urshela is a good defender at third base. Turner is capable of putting up All-Star numbers at the plate. With Wendle already in-tow, Turner feels much more appealing than adding another lighter-hitting player.