3 players Ronny Mauricio could replace on the Mets roster

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2) Mets Infielder Eduardo Escobar could be replaced by Ronny Mauricio

Despite his recent hot streak, Met fans would still rather see Mauricio on the field over Eduardo Escobar. It makes the most sense, Escobar is in the final year of his contract and has seen his play time diminish ever since the Mets called up Brett Baty. Besides, Escobar is only hitting .215 on the season with just four homers on the season and Mauricio has already gone deep seven times with a batting average well over .350.

We could very well end up seeing Eduardo Escobar being traded either at or near the trading deadline in late July which could set the stage for Mauricio to get that roster spot if Eduardo Escobar gets moved. We still do not know if that will be the case but since Eduardo Escobar is primarily an infielder as is Mauricio, he may be the guy that gets replaced by Mauricio.

Escobar has had some very memorable moments with the club but like already mentioned, this is his last year of his deal with the Mets and if they want to fight for a playoff spot and Escobar starts to struggle again, Ronny Mauricio could end up being the key piece to the Mets race for a playoff spot.