2 Mets role changes to expect early next year, 1 to hold off on making too soon

Two Mets players look geared for a role change next year with another on the cusp if he doesn't prove himself.
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NY Mets shouldn’t rush to move Tylor Megill into a permanent bullpen role

Does Tylor Megill have what it takes to be a big league starter? Just when it looks like he does, he doesn’t.

The obvious transition for Megill would be to move him to the bullpen. The Mets could certainly use the arms as soon as next season. However, because of how many starting pitchers it does take to get through the season, a role change for Megill is unnecessarily premature. He hasn’t obliterated all hope of becoming a competent starting rotation depth piece. Having him lengthened out to at least begin the season is the best way to handle him.

Things can change. If Megill stinks up the joint in the majors or minors as a starting pitcher, the Mets might benefit more in the long run to make the transition. 

It does feel like the team will go into next season with either Megill or David Peterson in the planned rotation. We can’t expect them to sign and/or trade for three big league starters, can we? If it didn’t work in 2023, how much would lesser arms that don’t cost $40+ million do for the club?

Next year could start as the final chance for Megill to show the Mets he belongs as a starter in some capacity. If things go south, both sides should be open to seeing what he can offer in a new role.