2 Mets role changes to expect early next year, 1 to hold off on making too soon

Two Mets players look geared for a role change next year with another on the cusp if he doesn't prove himself.

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NY Mets need to move Starling Marte into the DH role more regularly if he sticks around

Saying goodbye to Starling Marte is on the offseason agenda yet not very likely. He has too much money owed to him. After a disappointing 2023 season filled with injuries, it’s going to be tough to move him even if Steve Cohen eats the contract.

The best course is to make Marte less of an everyday right fielder and more of a corner outfielder who also gets a lot of starts as the DH. Of course, he’ll need to earn those DH starts. We don’t need another year of the Mets squandering this spot in the lineup.

This is the type of role change the Mets should have in mind immediately. Marte is no longer a good defender. Moving completely out of right field and into left field should be under consideration right now. The one problem there is it blocks Baty from getting his outfield reps in. Could the two swap starts in left field and in the DH spot? Put McNeil in right field and have Acuna at second base.

When the Mets signed Marte there was thought he’d become the new starting center fielder. He has barely touched the position with Brandon Nimmo securing himself as the superior of the two on defense. To get the most out of an aging and oft-injury Marte, regular half-days should be a part of the plan next year.