2 Mets role changes to expect early next year, 1 to hold off on making too soon

Two Mets players look geared for a role change next year with another on the cusp if he doesn't prove himself.
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The 2024 New York Mets will wear orange and blue. The players who wear those classic team colors might be vastly different. Even some of those who are back could see themselves with much different roles than they had in 2023.

Change hits us all in a different way. Some of us are much more open to it. Others feel like change is literal coins smacking us in the face. The Mets could clearly use a shake-up with the entire roster. It can start simply by redefining some roles.

Two Mets players look bound to eventually shift into a different role. Another is debatable and may eventually get there, too. For now, the Mets should hold off on making any changes with him.

NY Mets can go back to using Jeff McNeil in more of a utility role

Second base could get crowded soon enough. The addition of Luisangel Acuna to the farm system brings the Mets a youthful infielder many believe will be in the majors at some point next season. Opening Day is ambitious. By the time you’re gotten your first electric bill that made you gasp, Acuna could be in the everyday lineup.

Where does this leave Jeff McNeil? The Mets just signed him to an extension. He’s a debatable trade candidate. The Mets should shop him, but not give in for anything short of thievery on their behalf. 

The timeline could have McNeil starting the year at second base and giving way to Acuna once he’s ready. After, McNeil goes back to floating around the field. He is no longer the Mets starting second baseman. He becomes an everyday player we see all over the field.

A big question mark for the Mets next year is what they do in the two corner outfield spots. Starling Marte is still here and under contract. Left field could be where Brett Baty eventually ends up. Things can get crowded very quickly and there’s a solution. It involves Marte.