3 burning Mets roster questions without the easiest solution

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3) Can Mark Vientos knock one of the NY Mets veterans off the roster?

Let’s stop talking about catchers. A more fun question is who Mark Vientos knocks off the roster. His call up led to a demotion for Luis Guillorme. Vientos is only replacing Guillorme on the roster on the paperwork. His role could be much more.

The three veterans Vientos could knock off the roster are Daniel Vogelbach, Eduard Escobar, and Tommy Pham. Mark Canha is making too much money for us to reasonably believe the Mets would dump him. The other three are eating much less of the payroll and closer to the type of role Vientos could have on this roster.

Vientos and Vogelbach on the roster work together as a platoon partnership but it makes Escobar and Pham less relevant. Trust in Vientos to at least play third base makes Escobar a potential DFA candidate as does his poor performance on the field. Pham’s job is in jeopardy because of Vientos mostly because he was meant to be the guy to start whenever Vogelbach didn’t. 

This can be really confusing if you aren’t following the Mets.

First, Vientos is going to need to produce at a high level to justify keeping him on the roster. The Mets are fine without Guillorme. Escobar is the emergency shortstop if something were to happen with Francisco Lindor. Second, how Vogelbach, Escobar, and Pham are performing over the next few weeks could determine which of the three inches closer to seeing his time with the Mets expire.

Health of multiple position players will have a role in determining this roster question. The answer might not matter much at first because all three of those players could eventually receive their walking papers.