3 burning Mets roster questions without the easiest solution

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2) What’s next for NY Mets catcher Tomas Nido?

The million-dollar question for the Mets right now is what happens with Tomas Nido. The organization loves him. Pitchers have given him rave reviews in the past. But the future is now. Francisco Alvarez has proven he needs to stay on the MLB roster.

A massive failure from Sanchez does provide us with some answers for this question. The Mets could move on from him and at least temporarily invite Nido back onto the roster to see what he can offer.

This is a temporary solution. Eventually, the Mets will need to pick between Nido and Alvarez for the MLB roster. As long as Omar Narvaez is healthy, they can’t have all three.

Here is where your magical powers of prediction come into play. The Mets aren’t going to put Nido on the IL and just dump him so abruptly. What do they do? What’s next for the once-beloved backup backstop?

It’s very hard to imagine how the Mets could possibly continue on with Nido this whole season. Even with a contract signed through next year, his time will come to an end. The player option with Narvaez for next year is trending toward getting picked up. There is no room left for him and what he does offer. An underwhelming trade is how it feels like it’ll end.