3 burning Mets roster questions without the easiest solution

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If you’re batting 1.000 with your 2023 New York Mets predictions, please use those skills somewhere more useful. You’ve stunned even yourself by knowing all of these surprising facts about your favorite baseball team.

Your skills may come into good use by taking a closer look at these three burning Mets roster questions. None have an obvious clear answer to them. Maybe you can help us and the team out by coming up with a solution.

1) What do the NY Mets do if Gary Sanchez is a huge success?

Gary Sanchez on the 2023 Mets bingo card felt like a death sentence. Thanks to this surprising move, you’re now a promotion for Ronny Mauricio away from claiming your prize.

Signing Sanchez and giving him a chance to play in the majors after tearing it up in Triple-A makes a lot of sense. The trouble is what the Mets should do if he continues to succeed at the big league level. What if Sanchez has a monster start with the club by the time one of the other catchers is ready to return?

The Mets aren’t built to carry three catchers. With Daniel Vogelbach on the roster, it makes it virtually impossible. Even if Vogelbach was dismissed, there are other roster questions revolving around the catcher spot and specifically with Sanchez.

Options are limited with Sanchez. He’ll either stay and thrive or leave via release or trade. An unexpected trade would certainly be nice if it could bring the Mets a piece at a position of greater need. The bewilderment from this burning roster question would be worth it if the Mets could somehow turn Sanchez into a younger player or an optional relief pitcher with talent.

Creating an even greater itch behind the plate is this next roster question.