Predicting what the Mets roster looks like one year from today

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The bullpen would have known reinforcements

One of the reasons for the team's debacle this season has been the bullpen. Since the loss of Edwin Diaz to injury, the team has been unable to find consistency in its relief staff beyond Brooks Raley or David Robertson.

One of the biggest reinforcements in the bullpen for 2024 would be Diaz. MLB's top closer in 2022 would be back with the team creating an immediate bullpen boost and increasing the team's chances of winning games.

However, the team lacks two figures in its bullpen, one setup man reliever, who can be an option in high-leverage situations and a middle reliever with enough stuff to serve as a bridge in a sixth or seventh inning.

  1. LRP David Peterson
  2. MRP Drew Smith
  3. MRP Trevor Gott
  4. MRP José Leclerc
  5. MRP Adam Ottavino
  6. SETUP Brooks Raley
  7. SETUP David Robertson
  8. Closer Edwin Diaz

One option for the Mets is to sign David Robertson to another one-year deal. Robertson argued how comfortable he felt with the team and there is mutual interest in a return. The Mets' closer in the first half of 2023 would be an ideal setup man to combine with Raley and serve as a holder for Edwin Diaz.

Additionally, the team has Adam Ottavino, Drew Smith, and Trevor Gott as controllable options for 2024, so they would be complementing the bullpen. Also, David Peterson, who has shown good results so far as a reliever, could be the option as a long reliever and occasional pitcher against lefties.

Ultimately the Mets would need another reliable option in the bullpen. The team can be creative and get José Lecrec via trade in the offseason or next year's trade deadline. Leclerc was a top closer but has lost position in Texas, so the team does not have this reliever in the long term.

To have a former closer like Lecrec in the Mets bullpen would be ideal for a pitcher in a sixth or seventh inning. The reliever induces one of the weakest and poorest contacts in the league thanks to his fastball and a slider that has hit me below .100 in recent seasons.

The Mets can reshape their bullpen without overpaying or committing long-term to other relievers, a dangerous position due to its volatility. Likewise, Drew Smith and Trevor Gott could have better years after their regression in 2023, being able to pitch in situations other than high leverage.