3 Mets roster questions we still have ahead of the postseason

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3) NY Mets roster question: What’s the strategy against a lefty starter?

Lefties will be the death of the 2022 Mets. Their own roster has questions. Maybe more alarming is how the team hasn’t performed all that well against them. They do have guys like Pete Alonso who have crushed southpaws in the past. Starling Marte and Mark Canha should also be able to help. Maybe Darin Ruf finally does what he was meant to do, too.

Even so, the Mets need to go into those games with a lefty on the mound with a strategy. They are stacked with left-handed hitters we can at least have some faith in. Mark Vientos could always get hot down the stretch and become a serious candidate to make the postseason roster. He’s still fighting for a job beyond game 162.

The biggest hole the Mets will experience comes from the DH spot versus lefties. Ruf and Vientos would be two of the choices or even Alonso—but that just moves the question mark to first base.

Those guys capable of hitting well against lefties will need to step up and perform before the year is over to help answer this roster question. It’ll be tough for the Mets to go into a postseason game with a big question at the DH spot. The only solution they could have is to keep trying and hope Ruf rips into even a single big home run in the postseason.

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