Trading Pete Alonso and 3 other future Mets roster moves to shoot down

Shooting down future Mets roster moves before they happen.
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4) NY Mets should avoid signing Julio Urias

Julio Urias is an exciting free agent option for the Mets to pursue. Notably, it's his age that will have general managers optimistic about what he can offer. He turned 27 in August and will embark into the free agent pool with a whole lot ahead of him.

Urias took a while to become the stud he is today. Unbelievably, he has pitched in the big leagues in some fashion each year since 2016. Working as a starter and reliever, he didn’t cross into significant innings until the 2021 season when he led the league with 20 wins. Urias would go on to follow it up with a league-best 2.16 ERA in 2022. This year hasn’t gone nearly as well, leaving some extra doubts about what lies ahead.

More than the downtick in his 2023 performance, the Mets need to be cautious about Urias because of his injury history. He’s going to command a lengthy deal. Do they really want to make him the rotation headliner?

Urias should also receive a qualifying offer which means signing him would forfeit the Mets’ second-highest pick in the draft. They’ve been avoidant of free agents with the QO attached in the past. Do they make an exception for Urias?

One final aspect which could have the Mets looking elsewhere is his past. Urias was arrested in 2019 for domestic battery. He has since undergone counseling. The Mets haven’t pursued players with a past like this during the Steve Cohen regime and have made examples of others, Khalil Lee being DFA’d this year as a prime one. Anywhere Urias goes will certainly draw criticism because of this. Will it be the Mets who sign off?

Urias may be a talented pitcher with age on his side, however, the red flags from every direction should have them looking elsewhere.