Trading Pete Alonso and 3 other future Mets roster moves to shoot down

Shooting down future Mets roster moves before they happen.
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3) NY Mets targeting any DH exclusive player is chasing their own tail

Adding another DH exclusive player like Daniel Vogelbach to the roster would be the most infuriating move of all the Mets could make. With as many young and promising hitters as they have, the opportunity to give them extra at-bats without having to worry about their defense is something to take advantage of. Whether it's Mark Vientos, Brett Baty, or Francisco Alvarez with the team carrying a third catcher, most of us are on board with allowing these youngsters to play as much as possible.

Even more will agree with the unnecessary inclusion on the roster of a one-dimensional hitter. Vogelbach has become the example. Others around the league, J.D. Martinez being the most prominent and productive still in the big leagues, should be passed over. Shohei Ohtani will become a DH with his UCL tear. Do the Mets try to cash in on a slightly lower offer unsure of what kind of future he could have on the mound? Go ahead. It doesn’t seem like the direction they’re headed. As always, Ohtani is the exception to the rules.

The Mets should avoid thinking about the DH as a need to actually fill. Show up to the ballpark and think “Oh, wow! We can pull another bat off the bench and give him a couple of at-bats?”