Trading Pete Alonso and 3 other future Mets roster moves to shoot down

Shooting down future Mets roster moves before they happen.
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We all love to have our opinions on what the New York Mets should do. What about what they shouldn't? There are plenty of roster moves to make between now and the start of next season. Some are worth shooting down already, including one very obvious one.

Which of these would you most like to karate chop in half?

1) NY Mets trading Pete Alonso is garbage

Trade Pete Alonso? Are you trying to destroy a franchise? The idea of trading Alonso seemed impossible until this year's deadline when reports of Alonso being discussed made their way into the hands of MLB insiders. Fake news about Alonso being toxic in the clubhouse brought it to a whole new level. Fortunately, the players seem to have his back and the most recent rumors are he’ll stay put.

The Mets were unafraid to subtract in drastic ways. However, the pieces they did move on from this summer were short term and not homegrown. Alonso is a guy who performs on the field, off it, and in the gift shop. He is Mets baseball.

We can all come up with tempting enough trade packages that could get the Mets to budge. On field performance is only one part of the story. When it comes to the franchise's image and direction, it's much more difficult to argue in favor of an Alonso deal.

The roster decision to not only keep Alonso but to extend him as well is easy. These other three are more debatable. Prepare to put on your boxing gloves.