3 desperate Mets roster moves they can make to save the season

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3) The Mets should trade Luis Guillorme plus a PTBNL for Cubs reliever Michael Fulmer

Luis Guillorme is a player with no pending minor league options and no room in the Mets' lineup. After having two consecutive seasons of good offensive numbers, Guillorme is in his worst production in a long time.

The value that Guillorme brings to the team has been his defense and versatility to play multiple positions, something that is not very useful with the presence of Eduardo Escobar as a player with the ability to play in the infield. Likewise, his drop in contact due to an increase in his strikeouts makes him a marginal player in a lineup that seeks to compete in the playoffs.

If the Mets decide to bring up Ronny Mauricio, they should look for options where to sell Guillorme, who still has two additional years of arbitration, making him at least a player that attracts attention. In this case, the Cubs will seek to sell their rental players, Michael Fulmer being one of them.

Fulmer is a well-known pitcher to Mets fans, being a key player in the trade that brought Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets in 2015. The Cubs pitcher had a good couple of years with the Detroit Tigers until he saw his career go off the rails due to injuries. However, in recent years he has put up good numbers.

A starting pitcher turned reliever hasn't fared well this year with an ERA above 5.00, but the metrics indicate he's a better player than the numbers tell. He's putting up the best numbers of his career when it comes to the strikeout category, and while his walks are still an issue, he's inducing weak contact that ranks in the top 5% of the league, which is a pretty good result.

With a bullpen in need of reliable arms and depth, Michael Fulmer can complement this team and build an elite group of relievers in the league without overpaying. Luis Guillorme would be useful on another team where he can find enough space to play more often, and he along with a player to be named later, should be enough to get this pitcher's services.